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Botanical Name— Celastrus paniculatus willd.


Names in different languages
Hindi-Malkangani; English-Staff tree; Tamil- Valulavai; Malayalam Paluruvam, cheru punnayari

Synonyms— Tejasvini, Katabhi, Pita taila, Supingala, Kãkãndi.
Scientific classification: Staff trees make up the order Celastrales. The typical genus is Celastrus.

Classification according to Caraka, Susrutha & Vagbhata

 Caraka   Sirovirecana
 Susruta  Arkädi, Adhobhãgahara, Sirovirecana

Vãgbhata  Arkãdi

This drug considered as medya, rasayana , mangment of sidgma kustha & bhagandara. It mentioned in vedic literature .

Varieties & adulterants  - (CV – controversy, AD – adulterants) 

3.Rakta Phanha
5. Kãkãdani(Kãkamardanikã) - Cardiospermum helicacabum Linn.
6. Tejovati— Zanthoxylum budrunga wall.

Celastrus scandens

Celastrus scandens

It is a climbing or scrambling shrub, the young shoots and branches pendulous.
Leaves—glabrous, broadly ovate or obovate, acuminate or acute.
Flowers—unisexual, yellowish-green, borne in terminal, pendulous panicles.
Fruit— capsule, globose, 3-valved, 3-celled, 3-6 seeded. Seeds are enclosed in complete red, ovoid, brown. (Flowers throughout the year).

Distribution & Habitat
   Tropical and subtropical Himalayas upto 1500m (Punjab to Assam) & Bihar and South India

 chemical constituents

Root-bark & stem— pristimerin
Seeds— celapagine, celapanigine, celapanine, celastrol, celastrine, paniculatine,malkanguniol, malkangunin, paniculatadiol, 1-amyrin, beta—sitosterol; acetic, benzoic, formic, linoleic acids etc.


Rasa Katu, Tikta
Guna Tiksna

Virya Usna
 Vipãka Katu

Karma Kapha-vätahara, Dipana, Medhya Rasãyana

Internal use

Nervous system : Improves memory , enhances grasping power. Cow’s ghee and jyotishmati oil mixture is used as a memory enhancer.

Digestive system appetizer. Snigdha and ushna gunas improve peristalsis and are therefore useful in overcoming constipation and abdominal distension (flatulence).

Circulatory system : cardio tonic. improves cardiac output. Therefore useful in bradycardia and oedema, Black oil of jyotishmati is useful in breathlessness; \yellow oil is used in osteoarthritis (external use).
Respiratory system It is used for nasya also useful in asthma and bronchitis.
Urinary system : increase renal circulation ,it acts as a diuretic.
Reproductive system : Aphrodisiac. It is used in infertility (impotency).
Skin : Diaphoretic and cures skin disorders. It is used as antipruritic.
Temperature : diaphoretic, it is used as antipyretic. Within 3-4 hrs. it reduces fever by promoting sweating.

It is seen that intelligence promoting drugs are usually agnivardhak and this agni is sadhakagni. (Sadhak is one of the types of pitta). A person of piña prakruti has sharp agni. He/she feels more thirsty and more hungry. Pitta prakruti people are intelligent.

Dosage— Powder 3-5g. oil 5-15 drops

Dosha Kaphavataghna (oil) ,,piña and agni vardhak.
Dhatu : Majja.
Purisha (sara), sweda (10-20 drops).
Its best action is seen on the nervous system.
Organ : Stomach
 Indications— Kustha, Vatavyadhi, Udara, Gulma
Important research work going on
1. skin diseases
2. antispermatogenic effect

Therapeutic Uses—

(1) Artava ksaya— Consumption of Jyotismati leaves (fried) along with Kanjika relieves amenorrhoea (C.D.).
(2) Sidgma— Jyotismati oil processed with Apamarga ksãra jala for 7 times may be applied locally (A.H.Ci.19). -
(3) Udara— Jyotismati oil, Sarjaksãra and Hingu should be taken with milk (S.S.Ci.14).


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