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Botanical Name— Sida Veronicaefolia Lam. (S. cordata (Burm.f.) Borssum or S. humilis Vav.)

Names in different languages
Hindi-Bhiunli; Tamil-Palampasi; Bengali- Junka
Synonyms—Gangeruki, Visvadevã, Jhasnã, Kharagandhika, Khandã, Hrasva Gavedhukã

Classification according to Caraka, Susrutha & Vagbhata

Susruta --
Vãgbhata –

Introduction—Sarngdhara mentioned Nagabala as one of the sukrala group of drugs.

Varieties & adulterants  - (CV – controversy, AD – adulterants) 

1. Nãgabala - Sida Veronicaefolia
2. Gãngeruki – Grewia hirsuta [CV] refer disc 2
3. G. populifolia [CV] refer disc 2
Guda Sarkara which is a Grewia species


S.Veronica folia.
 It is a somewhat hairy herb, frequently procumbent and sometimes rooting at nodes.
Leaves-cordate, ovate, sparingly hispid.
Flowers- axillary, solitary, or borne in pairs or in small cymes, yellow.
seeds- brown. (Flowers and fruits throughout the year)
Distribution & Habitat
Through out India, up to 1,400 m. height.

chemical constituents
phenenthylamines, quinazoline, gossypol, sterculic acid, linoleic acid etc.

External use : It has haemostatic, analgesic and wound healing properties. Paste of either root or leaves is used in bleeding disorders and wounds.

Internal use
Central nervous system : Being a nervine and brain tonic, it is useful loss of memory and vata disorders.
Digestive system . : Unctuous, laxative. Useful in acid-peptic disorder and constipation.
Circulatory system
it is effective in cough. dyspnoea, bronchitis,
tuberculosis and hoarseness of voice.
Reproductive system Aphrodisiac and useful in semen debility.
Urinary system Being diuretic, it is used in retention of urine, dysuria and gonorrhea. -

Temperature. Useful in fevers.
Satmikaran Being a tonic it is useful in general debility and muscle wasting.


Dosha Vata. pitta (alleviation).
Dhatu Tonic for
all dhatus.
Mala Purisha (astringent, diuretic).


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