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Botanical Name— Crataeva religiosa Forst. f.


Names in different languages
Hindi-Varuna, Varna; English- Three leaved caper; Telugu-Ulimiri
Chettu; Marathi- Hadvarna; Tamil- Maralingam;
Malayalam: Nirmadalam
Synonyms— Varana, Kumãraka, Tikta säka, setu, sãka Drma, Tãmalaka, sveta puspa.

Classification according to Caraka, Susrutha & Vagbhata
Caraka – Tikta skañdha
Susruta  Varunädi, Vata Samamana, Kaph Samamana
Vagbhata Varunädi

     Recently proved that this drug could use hepatomegaly & spleenomegaly.


Medium sized tree
Leaves– tri folius,lanceolate or obovate
Flowers-terminal corymbs,ovate , acute
Fruit– globose, woody
Seed– embedded in pulp, brown

Indications— Kusta, Prameha, Netra Roga, Krimi

Distribution & Habitat
All over India especially Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, Assam, Malabar
External uses Bark powder applied on the skin- used in inflammation, abscess and lymphadenopathy,

Internal uses :
Digestive system :uses in distension, agnimandya, pain, liver diseases and worms.

Circulatory system : The decoction of the bark is used for purification of blood, gout, internal abscess and lyrnphadenopathy

urinary system
: It destroys urinary calculi, dysuria and pain inhibiter. Its bark or decoction of the roots is used in these disorders.

Temperature :. Its paste application is done on the forehead to reduce giddiness in fever.
Satmikaran : Juice of leaves is used as nutritious.

Important Yogas or Formations
Varunadi quath. Varuadi Ghrit, Varunadi Tailam.

Dosha : Pittavaha srotas (vitiates pitta). reduces kapha vata.
Dhatu : Rakta, medya (lymphadenopathy) to reduce fat, bone abscess).
Mala : Urine (destroys urinary calculi): stool — (vermicide).
Organs Liver, kidney.
The smoke of dried leaves helps in deviated nasal septum (Sawant).

Part Used— Phala Majjä (fruit pulp), Bija (Seeds), Bija Taila (seed oil)

Dosage— Oil— about l0ml for sodhana procedures;
seed powder- 1to 5g.
Important research work going on
1.action on cardiac system
2.Action against worms.

Therapeutic Uses—

(I) Netra roga— Pulp of Tuvaraka fruit, rock salt and Srotañjana are made as coal by Antardhuma process first. Then the chaulmogar oil is mixed with it and applied as eye ointment in Arma roga.

(2) Rasayana... Chaulmogar oil is used as Rasayana (A.H. Ut.32)


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